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3 & 4 BHK Row Villas

introducing luxury and affordability

Symphony is a gated village of 52 uniquely designed homes that are contemporary in styling and dispel the myth of “Affordable Housing”. While most builders cut corners on build quality to fit within a certain price bracket, Symphony approaches the market with an ideology that optimizes space to provide our customers with spacious homes that are superior in quality and showcase the finess of higher priced projects.

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Urbania Gardania Aquatica Grandios

accessible homes for modern families

Dispelling myths and claims of affordable housing, Gardania focuses on the concept of having accessible housing that empowers the residents to use the slightly smaller, yet completely optimised homes which provide them with the same experience of a home that is in a higher price range, hence being cost and space effective, without compromising on quality. This is achieved by smart design implementations like a 3 part bathroom, offset wardrobe and other intelligent approaches that provide an opulent lifestyle without cutting corners.

Homes at Gardenia come with a vision of the future. Starting at an optimal price range, it suits first time home buyers, second time buyers and investors alike.

Aquatica, Dining & Bar

inside the home

Each home embodies contemporary design paired with accessible usage. A home at Gardenia at Symphony is a great way of making an impression.

The Kitchen

The kitchens come with separate dry and wet areas for easy usage. This split helps in convenient usage as well as maintaining cleanliness between the two spaces.

Gardania, Kitchen

The Walk-in Wardrobe

The offset wardrobes in the bedroom, which were specifically designed for space saving, project out, rather than taking up space inside, to provide more space, both in the room and in the wardrobe.

Aquatica, Walk-in Wardrobe

The Bathroom

Understanding the dynamics of the modern day family, the bathroom is split into 3 parts by having separate access to the shower, toilet and wash basin which allows simultaneous usage of these facilities without having to wait.

Aquatica, Bathroom

Gardania, Living


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